Several of us “High-Profile” personalities in the American Redoubt movement have been contacted by a BBC producer who is working on a documentary covering the Patriot Movement in the United States.  In his research he stumbled across Radio Free Redoubt and the American Redoubt movement that’s taking hold within the Patriot Movement. 

The producer has several projects covering the lives of everyday Americans, with emphasis placed on Americans coping with the Recession.

This latest documentary focuses on the political climate and the modern Patriot Movement in America.  He would like a portion of documentary to include the American Redoubt Movement.  He seems genuinely and objective.  
Although I will be meeting with him in the near future (for further discussion – NOT for filming), there are certain aspects of the Radio Free Redoubt project that I will be unable to disclose (for [hopefully] obvious reasons).  Therefore my contributions may be extremely limited.  He asked if I knew of anyone who might be willing to participate in the documentary.  He is looking for personal stories of people who fall into one or more of the following:
A.  Believe in the American Redoubt movement
B.  Are intentionally relocating to the American Redoubt
C.  Are concerned about the potential collapse of America
D.  Are God-fearing Patriots preparing for TEOTWAWKI
E.  Redoubters outside the American Redoubt
If you are interested in learning more and possibly being a part of this documentary project, please email  There are some precautionary items and advice I would like to pass along as you consider being involved in a project such as this, BEFORE HAND.  If this interests you, let me know.