I wanted to add some clarification.  Over on the network FORUM someone put up a posting stating that they thought the message might not be getting out about WHO can be in the American Redoubt Network.
The American Redoubt Network includes ALL Redoubters
If you are a God-fearing, liberty-loving patriot and …
           you fall into one (or more) of the categories below and you:
– Wish to be surrounded by other patriots during a collapse
– Desire to live where there are more patriots than liberals
– Believe in the American Redoubt movement
– Want to be able to contact others of like-mind in a collapse
– Wish to preserve traditional American values and our heritage
– Live outside the American Redoubt, but want to be able to find others in your area who are Redoubters-at-heart
– Feel the need to form a Redoubt somewhere else in the country/world
– Want to learn from others and share your ideas about prepping and Redoubting
– Wish to keep your information confidential until TEOTWAWKI
– Have a desire to be part of a network for mutual aid and security
– Feel like you’re the only one bobbing in a sea of socialists and communists
– Are concerned about coming persecution for your faith 
– Beginning to think about the underground church in America’s future
– are a Ham operator who wants to help keep Redoubters linked across the American Redoubt and across the continent or around the world
– Want to feel (and BE) connected to other Redoubters when the grid, the internet, and conventional communications systems are disrupted
– Have a vision for rebuilding a community with traditional American Values after TEOTWAWKI
Q.  Do I have to be a radio operator?  
A.  NO!  You have to be a patriot.  That’s all!  If you have a CB, or FRS radio, that will allow you to hear updates and information put out by AmRRON operators on the CH3 frequencies.
Q.  What if I don’t live in the American Redoubt states?
A.  Then you’ll REALLY want to be able to get in touch with Redoubters in your area.  After a collapse, other Redoubts WILL emerge in other parts of the country.  Join the A.R.N. (American Redoubt Network) today!
Q.  What about signing up.  Won’t that compromise my identity and anonymity?
A.  Absolutely not!  That’s why you come up with a call sign, or let us assign one to you.  The only information on your profile that others can see is City/State (or County/State).  We will not post (or make public) your email, true name … anything.  Ever!  Join the A.R.N. (American Redoubt Network) today!
Q.  Then how do I “Connect” with other Redoubters?  
A.  When you join the network, you’ll receive an email with links to our ARN website.  From there you can go to Radio Free Redoubt’s FORUM and join the discussions and exchange ideas with other Redoubters (Inside and Outside the American Redoubt).  Also, you can email us and tell us you’d like to make contact with so and so (say Sierra-13), because he lives in your same town or county.  We’ll email that person with YOUR email information and let them contact you if they wish.  Simple and safe.  Join the A.R.N. (American Redoubt Network) today!
Q.  What if this is some type of government set up?  I think I should just stay below the radar.
A.  Oh boy.  The people running, listening to, and following Radio Free Redoubt are real people with families, jobs, businesses, dogs, trucks, a lawn mower, a Bible (or three), a Costco membership card, annoying teenagers, honey-do lists, etc. JUST LIKE YOU.  If you think you’re paranoid trying to link up with patriots NOW, just wait till things get worse.  Especially when the internet isn’t available for you to just “jump on” and get signed up … when you won’t have the freedom to move and communicate and you have no idea who is like-minded in a 5, 10, or 50 mile radius.  By the way, this isn’t a government set up.  Join the A.R.N. (American Redoubt Network) today!
Q.  Can’t I be a Redoubter-at-heart without joining something?
A.  Of course!  We get emails all the time from listeners, supporters, and patriots who agree with the American Redoubt movement with all their hearts.  But most of them don’t join the A.R.N.   But the one’s who don’t are missing out.  This is why:
– You won’t have access to the FORUM
– You won’t have access to the frequencies in the AmRRON network to monitor for news and information being put out by patriot Redoubters who are radio operators
 – When AmRRON operators KNOW there are redoubters in a certain area, they’re going to work extra hard to keep broadcasting information to keep you informed with news from across the American Redoubt, from other Redoubts that will emerge, and from across the country or the world.  If they’re not aware of any Redoubters in their local are, they might simply make a few cursory broadcasts (just in case).  Join the A.R.N. (American Redoubt Network) today!
I always tell people who are new to “Prepping” to go read James Rawles’ book, Patriots, then read One Second After.  After reading those two books, tell me how much those people could’ve benefited from forming a network of like-minded people BEFOREHAND.  
How do you think Redoubters, plugged into the A.R.N., will fare compared to those who are alone? 
Join the A.R.N. (American Redoubt Network) today!