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16 October 2011

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Online comment from a supporter of the “Occupy” movement (Not from Occupy Cd’A group):

“When peaceful protest ceases to work a new tactic must be devised. 
Time to play Robin hood. 
The rich have stolen from the poor since there was a rich and poor.
It’s time to return the gesture. 

Protests Predicted To Become Much More Frightening

L.A. Occupy SPeaker: Burgoisie Won’t Go Without Violent Means

Russia Issues Revolution Alert Travel Advisory For United States

Feds Refuse To Reveal It’s Secret Interpretation of Patriot Act
Obama: Iran Will Pay Price For Assassination Plot
VP Biden: Nothing Is Off The Table, Iran Terror Plot
U.S. Sends Troops To Uganda To Fight LRA
California vs. Parents: Kids To Get STD Shots Without Parents’ Consent
Home Schooled Girl Ordered To Attend Public School, Courts Defy Mother’s Wishes
– IndoctriNATION Film: Public Schools Cause Of Christianity Decline In U.S.

Occupy Coeur d’Alene Protesters (Saturday, October 15th)
 The Examiner article: Occupy Cd’A group REJECTS SOCIALISM, open borders, $20/hr minimum wage, rights to living wage regardless of employment status;  Say that those demands by the national “Occupy” movement are “crazy.”  They sound like Tea Partiers to me.


ANARCHIST: Does NOT sound like Tea Partier


IndoctriNATION Movie Trailer (Horrifying):



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“OCCUPATION” Comes to the American Redoubt 
American Collapse (Following USSR Trajectory): VIDEO




October 19, 2011  •  6 PM
(Doors open at 5 PM)
Latah County Fairgrounds
Moscow, Idaho


If not us, who? If not now, when?

– Author Unknown (so I stole it)



“Commit your works unto the LORD, and your thoughts shall be established.”

– Proverbs 16:3