Thank you all for your patriotism and willingness to contribute to the effort we call the American Redoubt.   This movement was intended to create a safe-haven and refuge for God-fearing, liberty-loving patriots, but since it’s inception, it has captured the attention of Americans across the nation, and even around the world.

As we move forward with the movement, remember that we are not abandoning our brothers and sisters who call themselves patriots and who live in many places outside of the American Redoubt.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you as well, and especially as you consider planning your own Redoubts, and as you prepare for what will probably be the most dangerous time in our nation’s history.  I believe the survival of America is at stake.  And I believe that it’s quite possible the only way American ideals, values and our heritage will survive is through a concentrated effort, like the one you’re joining.  Again, thank you, and God bless you.  

This is a work in progress.  Your input is welcome.  If you need your call sign or profile information changed or updated, please let us know right away.  Email us at  .

I recommend copying and pasting each of the pages (accessible by clicking on the tabs above) and pasting them into a Word document, so you can print them out and have a hard copy.

Thank you again, and welcome aboard!

In Christ, in liberty, and in your service,
– John Jacob Schmidt