09 October 2011
WEEK 17 – State Of The Nation 

(and coming changes)


Don’t forget to catch the pre-show episodes of Spycast and  then gather the family around for an episode of Wall Builders American Heritage podcasts.  Very informative!

NOTE: All Show Times Listed In PACIFIC TIME ZONE


      Spycast from the International Spy Museum
   The Litvinenko Murder and Other Riddles from Moscow (50:10)
      Wall Builders Live – American Heritage Series
   –  American Heritage Series: Church, State & the Real 1st Amendment, part 1 (27:00)

7:00pm Week 16
     John Jacob Schmidt Show on Radio Free Redoubt
   – State of the Nation … and coming changes
Approx. 8:00pm – OLD TIME RADIO
     Anne Coulter’s book, TREASON
  – TREASON – Chapter 1a (25:10)

Approx. 8:50pm
  Re-airing of WEEK-17 State of the Nation … and coming changes