ENCORE BROADCAST – This week is a Re-Airing of the previously recorded show, CHINA’S TROJAN HORSE, where John Jacob Schmidt discusses the threat that China poses, not only to America, but to the American Redoubt.  And he discusses what to do about it.  This one is worth sharing with your uninformed friends.
Listen and/or download the show at
 6:06pm International Spy Museum’s SPYCAST –  The MI5 Centenary

6:33pm Wall Builders The Influence of the Bible in America

       John Jacob Schmidt on Radio Free Redoubt
       – China’s Trojan Horse  (Pre-invasion or Presumptuous?)

8:02pm Old Time Radio 
     I Was A Communist For The FBI 
        – Red Red Herring  (26:27)

Approx. 8:28pm  
     Re-airing of China’s Trojan Horse  (Pre-invasion or Presumptuous?)