A listener in the DoD e-mailed this web-based training session to us.  

It’s an unclassified, open source training module designed to create awareness of the risks and potential dangers of using social networking services.  While it is designed with military personnel in mind as the end user, GS personnel and contractors are also required to take it.  It does a great job of identifying potential OPSEC and PERSEC risks and walks you through hypothetical social networking accounts to highlight what “could” happen if you’re not cautious.  Well done. 

I went through the course, which took about ten minutes and found it very informative, yet in simplistic form, highlighted the point of being situationally aware and mindful of OPSEC. 

James Rawles has written about the potential risks of using social networking programs and this course is a pretty good response for those of you asking … “Why?”

Good Training.  Hooah!


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