This was the article that was read on the air (and commented on) in the Week-16 Broadcast, Sunday, September 25th.  He is one of the most insightful people I know of and have thoroughly enjoyed his writings.

Woodpile Report
Crowd control
There will be no revolution. No pitchforks and boiled rope, no street barricades, no Madam Defarge. As much as both nihilist and careerist would have us believe otherwise, calls to limit government are not the same as a call to overthrow government. What there will be, as said elsewhere, is a disorderly collapse resulting from corruption and stunning misleadership at all levels of government, societal fractures and the fatal compromise of commerce by currency manipulation and unpayable public debt. We’re also seeing a Marxist power grab in mid-debacle, but that’s for another time.
While the opportunist watches the ongoing catastrophe for some imagined advantage, and the partisan watches for openings to advance his cause, the survivalist sees nothing to gain from participation at any level and merely surveys the event as a normal part of situational awareness.
    The next few months will show S&P’s downgrade to have been too little and too late, rather than too drastic and too soon. The Eurozone will fall apart. The American political crisis will only worsen; the “super-committee” will utterly fail, true to design. Soon enough, we may all wake up to a “reckoning” truly deserving of the name.
    Ricky Kreitner, Business Insider
Mr. Kreitner speaks of how is likely to happen. What’s already happening is assault, robbery and looting by instant gangs using open-source tactics, ominous in the same way as Hitchcock’s movie The Birds: a self-organizing malevolence which appears suddenly, accomplishes its purpose and disperses. What’s about to happen is mass looting, mass arson and robbery, major mayhem with staying power similar to the north London riots but scaled to fit our larger stage. Worse, conditions are approaching optimum for this to devolve into a chain of urban insurrections. What will set it off, which particular pebble will finally topple the pile is immaterial, although those who postulate a decreased increase in TANF or SNAP or similar make a convincing case.
Should the wrong people take an interest, it could be intentionally escalated into urban or regional insurrection, a truly ugly thing. It’s a step beyond riots. We’re talking such things as taking down the local power grid, selectively disabling communications, sabotaging transportation, perhaps even assassination, kidnapping and other acts of guerilla warfare. The survivalist who observes Rule One—Stay away from crowds—is unlikely to be seriously threatened by such disasters. He will have been elsewhere long before the troubles begin, after all, cities are but crowds with bedrooms.
Disengagement from the noxious stew of partisan politics is a large part of survivalism. It’s enough for the survivalist to estimate what’s coming with sufficient accuracy to prepare. Activism is a poor fit. Politics is a business with brand names and loyal customers and market research and investors, like any other enterprise. Realists take their mission statements for what they are—marketing. Survivalists are realists by nature. To their peril, those with a romantic outlook are constitutionally disinclined to keep involvement at arm’s length. Beware, it’s a trap. The waters are treacherous and the undertow strong. A few words of caution about activist opposition: alpha sociopaths and their fast track cadets run this game. It’s rarely what it appears to be. Consider:
    Soviet intelligence was really unparalleled. The KGB programs—which would run all sorts of congresses, peace congresses, youth congresses, festivals, women’s movements, trade union movements, campaigns against U.S. missiles in Europe, campaigns against neutron weapons, allegations that AIDS was invented by the CIA, all sorts of forgeries and faked material—were targeted at politicians, the academic community, at the public at large.
    Gen. Oleg Kalugin, former chief of KGB operations in the United States
Partisan organizations opposed to the two-party one party system in the US are likely to be covertly directed from DC, modeled after the Soviet Trust Operation where fake oppositions were built upon existing organizations and taken in-house. The purpose is to identify and collect evidence against members and supporters, commit acts calculated to encourage adherents into committing similar acts, spread disinformation at critical moments, and foster rumors and fantasies and other pointless dissipation. It would be reckless to accuse specific persons of being Trust Operation leaders, but just as reckless to put them entirely above suspicion.
The Soviet operation ended in well-publicized roundups. Aside from ridding the regime of effective dissent, roundups intimidate the populace by lending an appearance of omnipotence to the regime. The survivalist stays away from such outfits, their fate becomes his fate. Even organizations not controlled outright can be the functional equivalent of a Trust Operation, the French underground during World War II for one. It was honeycombed with opportunists who informed on their fellow members, so much so the FFI considered its membership both an asset and a threat.
Survivalists are not joiners, aside from church or synagogue, and certainly not joiners of confrontational outfits. There are serious-minded and honorable persons who are, but they’re better defined by the purpose of their organizations than as survivalists. Although he may enter into local alliances of mutual benefit, the survivalist concerns himself primarily with the well being of himself, his family and his community, in defense of whom he will act with extreme prejudice should doomsday conditions obtain, meaning he will use force—practiced and unhesitating and in fitting proportion—to defeat any predatory violation of himself or his people.
What he will not do is deliberately search for opportunities to use violence, nor will he prefer them when viable alternatives are available. This is what separates the survivalist from confrontationalists and why he has nothing to do with their factional machinations. He wins the game by not playing. Put another way, Rule One-Stay away from crowds, is the inescapable default for those who value a self-directed life.