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11 September 2011

–  See Something, Say Something Working! … in NY

–   Mall Of America Takes “See/Say Something” to a new level:
(Is it me, or does this guy look like he just sucked on a lemon right before the interview?)

  NPR Suspicious Shoppers

Radio Show Topic Resources For:
Building The Network
Latest Prepper Newsletter From Tess at Ready Nutrition

Resources To Get Started In HAM (aka. Amateur Radio):

  • Now You’re Talking! Prep Guide to Becoming A HAM (Amateur Radio Operator) Put out By ARRL: Available on Amazon.  
Click on the book to see it on Amazon.

Locate a Ham Radio Club in:
National “Find A Club” Search on ARRL Site at:

(American Redoubt Radio Operators Network)

Prepper Groups Meet-Up Page

Letters about Getting Started In HAM:
I’m an active duty military member stationed in [the American Redoubt]
and I own property in Utah. I recently came across
this on survivalblog.
I have wanted to get into ham radio for years. Could
you recommend hardware and where to get started?
Hi, I am an ordinary soccer mom who knows nothing about ham radios. I am interested in learning and wonder if you could please recommend some websites to me.
Thank you, xxxxxx
Any information any of you could pass on to these folks would be much appreciated!
Just leave a message as a  “Comment” below. 

Our prayers go out to those in the Texas Redoubt:

Texas Fire Destroys 1,554 Homes, 17 People Missing

Thank you for keeping your word.  Thank you Oath Keepers!