11 September 2011
Week 14 – Building the Network

…this is where Americanism lives, and … there is not room here for anything else.”

— Violette Szabo (on-air thoughts about the American Redoubt)
John Jacob Schmidt is BACK!  
Tune in to Radio Free Redoubt’s live broadcast when we’ll be talking about building the network of American Redoubters as well as O.A.R. (Outside the American Redoubt) Redoubters.

Don’t forget to catch the pre-show episodes of Spycast and  then gather the family around for an episode of Wall Builders American Heritage podcasts.  Very informative!

NOTE: All Show Times Listed In PACIFIC TIME ZONE


      Spycast from the International Spy Museum
   The Cambridge Five (24:41)
      Wall Builders Live – American Heritage Series
   –  Evidence of America’s Spiritual Heritage, Part-1 (27:00)

7:00pm Week 14
     John Jacob Schmidt Show on Radio Free Redoubt
   – Building the Network
Approx. 7:50pm – OLD TIME RADIO
     I Was A Communist For The FBI 
  – The Rat Race (27:11)

Approx. 8:22pm
  Re-airing of WEEK-14 Building The Network (11 Sep. 2011)