This just posted on Survivalblog by James Rawles.  Many of you relocating (and planning to relocate) to the American Redoubt might appreciate this video.  It was taken from an Ultralight Aircraft and includes much of the region used as the backdrop for the book, Patriots: A Novel of Survival In The Coming Collapse.  We often get emails asking about what kind of climates and geography are found in the American Redoubt.  Here’s just ONE sampling of the many and greatly varying sub-climates you’ll find.  All God-fearing, Liberty-loving American patriots welcome! 

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A fan of my novel “Patriots” just produced an amazing five-minute ultralight flying video that is available free, via YouTube. Kudos! This gent shot some great footage that really captures the look and feel of some of the key locales in my novel. And in it you can see how pretty the Palouse Hills region is at harvest time. It is a High Definition (HD) video, so be sure to watch it at “full screen” size.
I suppose that with the publicity of my blog, my books, this video and Radio Free Redoubt, the web traffic to will increase. Subsequently, the population figures shown in the ultralight flying video might soon bump up a bit. I’m hopeful that some good folks will be encouraged to move to the American Redoubt. (Which, of course, includes the Palouse.)


 Also, check out Mr. Rawles’ recently released, SURVIVORS: A Novel Of The Coming Collapse.  I can’t wait (for you English majors … I can hardly wait …) to get my copy in my hands.