Excellent article as referenced in Survivalblog’s “Odds n Sods” on 6 September 2011.  James Rawles’ posting:

 For those who might dismissively reject community building projects (like my American Redoubt concept), I recommend this piece by Brandon Smith: The Strategic Advantages Of Community Building.

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This is what I (John Jacob Schmidt) have been saying for a long time. 

Main themes:

Common Oppositions To Community Building
First, we must put to rest those misconceptions that hinder the development of meaningful defensive community before we are able to understand the nature of various organizational methods and their benefits. Let’s examine some often heard arguments against the formation of survival relationships, groups, and focused networks…

1) Other People Aren’t Reliable. I Can Survive Better On My Own…
2) Groups Draw Too Much Attention. It’s Better To Keep A “Low Profile”…
3) I Don’t Have To Organize, I Can Just Leave The Country…
4) There’s No Point In Organizing. We’re All Doomed Anyway…

Methods Of Community Building
Community networking is our best available solution in the wake of inevitable economic chaos. Ending the Fed is a noble goal. Changing government through reform and by running for office should be pursued. Reducing or completely negating the unchecked power of agencies like the DHS, FEMA, the CIA, the ATF, etc, is essential. But, none of these actions will undo the underlying damage to our economy, or prevent a collapse. At this point, nothing can turn back the tide on the dollar, or our national debt, and we will see a considerable downturn in markets, employment, and wages, along with severe inflation in prices. The dam has been broken, and the flood cannot be turned back. This means that more than ever, we must organize to lessen the injury to ourselves and each other as much a possible, so that we are better capable of repairing the damage done later on.
The following are a few different methods for actively constructing community groups and organizations. Some may fit particular situations more aptly than others, but the point is to get out of your house, and start meeting others face to face. Without this, there can be no community.
Meet-Up Groups:  
Protest Groups:
Farmer’s Or Garden Co-ops:
Barter Networks:
Neighborhood Watch:
Survival Groups:
State Or County Militias: 
Safe Haven States:
Make It Happen    

To read his in-depth commentary on each of these items, read Brandon Smith’s full article at http://www.alt-market.com/articles/175-the-strategic-advantages-of-community-building