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As I’ve said before many times on the air, I believe that the United States is systematically and deliberately being destroyed from within.  I believe that Communism (and Islam) is very much alive and well  today, and that they are satanic tools to ruin the nation that was inspired and blessed by God before it turned it’s back on Him.  The following documentaries explore the plans laid out long ago to destroy America and bring it into submission to the New World Order.  As Violette Szabo said, America is the last beacon of hope for people thirsty for liberty and the freedoms that America provides.  It MUST be destroyed, because it inspires hope and possibility for millions around the world.  And as long as that kind of hope and inspiration and desire for liberty and freedom exists, the globalist’s agenda can’t be fully completed.  I STRONGLY recommend these videos.  Get informed!
This weekend (Sunday, September 4th), Annya will be airing the recorded broadcast (with the help of Mrs. Schmidt) from last week (week 13) which never aired because of our internet service being disrupted by Hurricane Irene (Who knew!).  I’ll be back with a full-length broadcast the following weekend and I look forward to being with you all again.  Thank you all for your letters and words of encouragement and your emails of news and current events.  I have a lot of catching up to do and am working on it already.  Take care.  God bless!
— John Jacob Schmidt
Agenda: Grinding Amerika Down
The Naked Communist (Part #1)

The Naked Communist (Part #2)

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The Naked Communist (Part #5)