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 21 August 2011
Week 12 –  COMMO CHECK

Tonight’s broadcast, what we call “Commo Check” will be a shorter-than-usual broadcast with no specific topic.  But  we want to continue with our commitment to be on the air in a consistent manner at our regularly-scheduled time.  We look forward to having you with us tonight.

Don’t forget to catch the pre-show episodes of Spycast and Wall Builders American Heritage

NOTE: All Show Times Listed In PACIFIC TIME ZONE


      Spycast from the International Spy Museum
   Intelligence and the Presidency (24:24)
      Wall Builders Live – American Heritage
   –  Pro-Family Legislators Conference  with Rabi Lapin PART-3 (26:59)

7:00pm Week 12
     John Jacob Schmidt on Radio Free Redoubt
  – COMMO CHECK (21 Aug. 2011)

Approx. 7:40pm – OLD TIME RADIO
     I Was A Communist For The FBI 
  – The Red Record (27:05)

Approx. 8:05pm
  Re-airing of WEEK-12 COMMO CHECK (21 Aug. 2011)