This article is an addendum to the existing list of Churches and Synagogues in the American Redoubt.  Click HERE to go directly to The American Redoubt page at survivalblog.  Thanks for the update, Mr. Rawles!


Finding Prepper-Friendly Churches in The American Redoubt–Expanding The List

Based on some suggestions from SurvivalBlog readers, the following are several new entries to supplement the list of prepper-friendly churches in the American Redoubt that I already posted. (I’ve just updated the original list.)
Parenthetically, I’m often asked why I place an emphasis on Reformed churches. First and foremost, I believe this is a doctrinally-correct stance. (Your mileage may vary, but the Five Point Calvinist view matches my interpretation of the Bible.) Secondarily, those who hold to a mid-tribulation or post-tribulation eschatological view (as many people in Reformed circles do) tend to be more prone to prepping than those who hold to pre-tribulation rapture eschatology. After all, if someone hopes to be “beamed up” before any End Times wrath occurs, then why should they prepare to provide for their families?
Note: I intentionally used Wikipedia (a secular source) for links to foregoing descriptions of the various eschatological camps. This might seem an odd choice, but I did so because I don’t want to show an absolutist preference for any particular denomination or view. Eschatology is a sticky subject even within various Christian denominations, and I can assure you that it leads to some lively debate!

Here are the latest additions the American Redoubt recommended church list:
New Geneva Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Idaho Falls
United Reformed Church of Nampa, Nampa

Bonners Remnant Church, Bonners Ferry (a Saturday Sabbath congregational church)
Grace Bible Church, Bozeman
Old Paths Strict Baptist Church, Choteau
Three Lakes Community Bible Church, Troy
Yaak Community Church, Yaak
Eastern Oregon
Living Water, La Pine

Berean Baptist Temple, Pendleton
Eastern Washington
Covenant Of Grace Protestant Reformed, Spokane
Providence Reformed Church, Rock Springs

Note: There are of course many other good churches, synagogues, and Messianic congregations in the Redoubt States that I haven’t yet listed. You can find many of them with just a bit of time visiting denominational web sites and with search engines. Feel free to e-mail me your suggested additions to the list.