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… and in at least 32 states in America! 
Norwegians Turn To God After Horrific Murders 
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Propaganda Alert!!!

Was Oslo Bomber/Shooter A Christian?  Click HERE

   – Book: Stop Teaching Our Kids To Kill  by: Ltc. Dave  Grossman

   – Article: Teaching Kids To Kill       by: Ltc. Dave Grossman

   – Article: Trained To Kill: Are We Conditioning Children to Murder?  by: Ltc. Dave Grossman

Nevada DMV refuses man’s personalized “GO PALIN” plate request as “vulgar”
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Oklahoma Gov. calls for prayer to stop heat wave  Click –> HERE

Montana Gun Maker Uses 10th Amendment To Get Around Fed Gun Control Measures
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Obama’s Health Care Death Panels (oops, we meant “rationing panels”)
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Clinton Advises Obama to Become a Dictator and Bypass Congress?
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Jihadists Consider Poisoning water supplies in west
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and below: 

Al Qaeda Cartoon Aimed at Children to Pass Jihad to Next Generation  Click –> HERE

Judge Rules: TSA Images of You Are Government Property (?)  Click –> HERE

Bloomberg Report: TSA Wants More Power/Autonomy From DHS.   Click –> HERE

Arizona Calls For Help, Donations To Build Fence  Click –> HERE

China’s Largest Home-based Church Faces More Arrests –>  Click HERE

/////  Propaganda Alert!  /////

All-American Muslim Reality TV on TLC Click –> HERE

American Family Association LIVE FEED (put it in your favorites!) 


Sustainable Preparedness Expo In Spokane Washington  Click –> HERE

Idaho Liberty Summit.
August 19-21 2011
Challis, Idaho


The Guardian: UN Considers a “Green” Army to Enforce Climate Change Peacekeeping  Huh?  Click HERE

– Police State (Wikipedia)  Click –> HERE 

– Martial Law (Wikipedia)  Click –> HERE

VIDEO:  NRA – NEVER AGAIN – Part 1 – Gun Confiscation after Hurricane Katrina 
(Scroll Down Toward Bottom, on The RIGHT)

Citizen filming being stopped at a Homeland Security checkpoint.  Obnoxious problem maker?  Or within his rights?

More about these illegal checkpoints at:  Checkpoint USA

Click on the picture below to go to Congress.org

Then, type in your zip code to locate your elected representatives:

Black Sheep Report: Believe In The Constitution? You Might Be A Domestic Terrorist.
Click HERE

MIAC REPORT On Prison Planet dot com  Click HERE

Automated Number Plate Recognition cameras:
  – The Newspaper dot com
  – PIPS TECHNOLOGY  “A Federal Signal Company”

Popular Science Article Announcing MORIS
(Iris Scan, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint instant ID)
Click –> HERE

Smart Phone biotechnology to be used to ID people on the street –> Click HERE

Naked Capitalism Article On the Concern For Police Using MORIS: “Not Just A Picture”  … “Could Be Considered A Search”  Click –> HERE

Extremists Everywhere (funny if it wasn’t so near the truth)

STASI:  East Germany’s Secret Police – 1 of 6


Stalin’s Secret Police: 1

The Story of Hitler’s Secret Police: Gestapo 1933 – 1946 (Part 1 of 6)

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