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Excellent Article!
Republic of South Sudan is Born!  Click HERE

Houston National Cemetery Investigation Called for  —  Click HERE

Texas Legislature Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding  —  Click HERE 

More Reasons To Defund Planned Parenthood —  Click HERE

Man Ordered To Remove Cross From His Personal Property  —  Click HERE

Michigan woman faces 93 Days In Jail For Growing Vegetables In Here Front Yard — Click HERE

TSA Expanded Role and Budget with VIPR Teams  —  Click HERE

Two videos produced by MTV (believe it or not), expressing concern for a police state in America
MTV video was posted along with the VIPR story on THIS SITE.
Church Statistics In America  — Click HERE

Prepper-Friendly Churches in the American Redoubt  —  Click HERE
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Home-Based Church Resources

  • TIME Magazine Article —  Click HERE
  • Free House Church Resources  —  Click HERE
  • House Church Central  —  Click HERE

Underground Church

  • Preparing For The Underground Church  —  Click HERE
  • North Korea Executes Underground Church Leaders  —  Click HERE
  • Radio Ministry for North Korea’s Persecuted  —  Click HERE