Sunday’s Broadcast Title:  “THE CHURCH”
With a forecast of economic collapse, followed by a likely societal collapse in America and around the world, what’s the church’s role?  What might the church look like in the near future? And should that even be a concern for today’s Christians and church leaders?  John Jacob Schmidt will share his views on these questions and more.  
Also, don’t forget to catch the pre-show episodes of Spycast and Wall Builders American Heritage series.
6:08pm (7:08pm mountain)  
      Spycast from the International Spy Museum

   Comrade J and Russian Espionage in the U.S. (25:23)

6:33pm (7:33pm mountain)
      Wall Builders – American Heritage Series

   – Duty Of A Free Citizen (27:00)

7:00pm (8:00pm mountain) Week 6
     John Jacob Schmidt on Radio Free Redoubt
  – The Church

7:45pm (8:45pm mountain) – Old Time Radio 
     I Was A Communist For The FBI 
  – Card Game In The Clouds (27:22)

Approx. 8:12pm (9:12pm mountain)  
  Re-airing of Week 6 – The Church