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Week 4 Broadcast is loaded and available for playing or downloading at www.RadioFreeRedoubt.podbean.com and should be available for listening right here on the blog very soon.  After we upload the show to the podbean site, it can take several hours before it appears on the menu of the podbean player here on the blog.  It’s just the system.  Enjoy!

SHEESH!  We did it.   After a Shoutcast Server glitch and some delays and some strange loop-playback-time delay anomalies that had us scrambling with the I.T. folks, we got the broadcast out, although a little later than scheduled.  Everything on our end was showing we were streaming live with no issues but thanks to your emails (and a couple texts) we were able to identify the problem and get up on the air.  So, it all worked out.

The podcast version is now uploaded to the Podbean player so you can listen or download at your convenience.  Enjoy, and let us know what you think.  Have a GREAT week!

— J.J.S.


Book: One Second After

NBC Removes “Under God” from Pledge of Allegiance.