Sunday, 26 June 2011
We look forward to being with you on Sunday!  Also, remember we invite you to tune in early and enjoy some pre-broadcast entertainment and educations.  This weekend we begin with the first of TEN episodes of Cobra King Strikes, from Adventures By Morse.  Followed by an informative episode from the Spy Museum’s SPYCAST, which we will be airing each week.  If you miss any of the John Jacob Schmidt show, we’ll be re-airing it again right after an episode of I Was A Communist For The FBI.  Enjoy!

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OLD TIME RADIO Pre-Show Schedule
5:34 pm (6:34pm mountain)  
      Adventures By Morse
   – Cobra King Strikes Back #1
6:01pm (7:01pm mountain)  
      Spycast from the Spy Museum
   Comrade J and Russian Espionage in the U.S.

6:56pm (7:56pm mountain)
    The Pledge Of Allegiance               

7:00pm (8:00pm mountain) Week 4 
     John Jacob Schmidt on Radio Free Redoubt
  – The Bethlehem Effect – and The Power Vacuum

8:00pm (9:00pm mountain) – Old Time Radio 
     I Was A Communist For The FBI 
  – I Can’t Sleep

Approx. 8:27pm (9:27pm mountain)  
  Re-airing of Week 4 – The Bethlehem Effect