If you are an Amateur Radio Operator and you broadcast on shortwave, we’d like to extend the invitation to you to re-broadcast Radio Free Redoubt shows to the public via that medium;  Our goal is to make the message available to as many mediums as possible.  Although the primary audience is the American Redoubt,  we’d love to see the message get to future redoubts as they emerge, wherever they may be.  

All we ask is that you inform us of the following:

1.  Your area/regional audience
2.  Frequency you are broadcasting on
3.  Scheduled times for the broadcast

This way, we can pass the information to others so they can look for it on their own radios.  Eventually, we’d like to create a directory for people to be able to tune in. 

Let us know by emailing us at RadioFreeRedoubt@gmail.com and type “Shortwave” in the subject line.  Thanks!

The Staff,
Radio Free Redoubt