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DHS “Malintent” FAST Program:  The Blaze 
DHS “Malintent” FAST Program: 
Dept. of Education SWAT raid:  The Blaze
Colonel Dave Grossman, author of On Combat

Idaho Liberty Summit.
August 19-21 2011
Challis, Idaho
Clingers Festival & 2nd Amendment Rally
Friday, July 15th, 6pm
Stateline Speedway
Post Falls, ID 
Correction: In the broadcast, keynote speaker Dr. Marshall Foster was introduced as “Author of the book, National Day of Prayer.”  I mis-spoke.  He spoke on the National Day of Prayer.  Sorry for the mixup.  I’m not aware of a book titled National Day of Prayer.  He is the founder and president of the Mayflower Institute, now known as the World History Institute.
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