Sunday, 19 June 2011
Welcome to today’s broadcast.  We invite you to tune in early and enjoy some pre-broadcast entertainment from Old Time Radio … a nostalgic visit to the past, when families would gather around the radio for news and entertainment.  If you miss any of the John Jacob Schmidt show, we’ll be re-airing it again after an episode of I Was A Communist For The FBI.  Enjoy!

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OLD TIME RADIO Pre-Show Schedule
5:55pm (6:55pm mountain)
             – Suspense – Earth Is Made Of Glass

6:25pm (7:25pm mountain)
             – Perry Mason – Squeeking Witness Chair
6:35pm (7:35pm mountain)
             – Gunsmoke – The Badge

7:00pm (8:00pm mountain)  
             – Week 3 – John Jacob Schmidt on Radio Free Redoubt
                (Is the American Redoubt Viable?)

7:55      (8:55pm mountain) Old Time Radio
             – I Was A Communist For The FBI – I Walk Alone

Approx. 8:50pm (9:50pm mountain)  Re-airing of Week 3