Thanks for visiting us.  I just wanted to  give you some updates on our progress at Radio Free Redoubt.

There’s still a lot of work to do. 

1.  We will be continuously updating the blog, right here, and adding information and resources which we feel will help strengthen the American Redoubt.

2.  Beginning Sunday evening (Lord willing) on June 5th we will begin broadcasting a weekly live 1-hour internet radio show with news, information, and commentary related to the American Redoubt.  You can access Radio Free Redoubt’s radio station channel on Ubroadcast by clicking on the “Listen LIVE!” button, and then click on the microphone.

3.  Once we begin our weekly broadcasts, within 24 hours we will be posting the podcasts here on the blog for you to listen to and download at your convenience.

4.  The website, is under construction and should be up and running sometime in June.  It’s not accessible at this time but it’s coming.  We’ll let you know and keep you updated.  For right now, simply visit us at this web log (blog).

We strongly recommend that you read the articles on the “American Redoubt Articles” page.  That will help give you an idea about our vision, goals, and ideaology. 
We’d love your constructive feedback and suggestions as we go.  This is YOUR redoubt!   Feel free to email us at Radio Free Redoubt.
NOTE:  Radio Free Redoubt is NOT affiliated with J.W. Rawles or in any way.  He simply coined the phrase, “American Redoubt,” as you will learn, and started a spark.  What you will quite possibly see in the coming months and years is the brush fire that ignited as a result of the spark that Mr. Rawles initiated.  
We concur with his beliefs however, and although we don’t agree with anyone 100%  of the time on 100% of the issues, our core values, principles, and convictions are aligned with his.
On behalf of the Radio Free Redoubt team,  God bless you and yours, and please remember to keep us in your prayers as well.
John Jacob Schmidt

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