The Partisan Spot Report-If You See Something, Say Something!

Spot Report

Thank you for reporting in when you see something!

The ability to make good decisions, form sound strategies, and adapt effective tactics to fit the situation depends on good (useful) intelligence.  The better the intelligence, the better the ability to make good decisions.

We receive (and appreciate) information, tips, and reports of observations and first-hand experiences from Redoubters/patriots from all over the country on a fairly regular basis.  The difficult task is the separating of the wheat from the chaff.  What’s useful, and what’s not.  What to keep, what to discard.


SPOT Report– Downloadable PDF

So, this is where we need your help:


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Without getting deeply into the intelligence processes, suffice it to say that those who DO specialize in the art and skill, depend greatly on
useful intelligence.  It is most useful when it is Timely, Accurate, Concise, Detailed, Verifiable, and comes from a credible and reliable source.

The American Redoubt Partisan Spot Report is a guide to assist partisans with the reporting process.  It is a simplified version of two information gathering formats:  SALUTE and the 5 W’s.  These are mnemonics/memory tools to help you remember what it is you should be documenting.  You should always try to fully document any Spot Report immediately following a reportable event (or as soon afterward as is practical).

Detention_DHS MRAP.DetentionCamp_portable-prison-construction-truck

When possible, if you use it, we prefer to receive these types of reports via encrypted email (such as gpg/pgp) at  You can also print it out and mail it to the drop mail P.O. box, which is the same address as is listed in the ‘Donate to support RFR‘ tab.

The Spot report can also be used as a guide when using our ‘CONTACT page. Godspeed to all of you, and thank you for your willingness to help keep all of us informed!