30 July 2013


 Digital Communications Revisited

(PSK31 & Morse Code using Software)


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FLDIGI Message on Youtube.  Thanks to USNERDOC for posting the following video:

Download FLDIGI Software here, for free!

This is the software program to use for decoding Morse Code, PSK31, and many other digital radio communications


 To learn an easy, down and dirty method for decoding digital communications:


Great article by Popeye:  Communications between groups


Don’t have a Shortwave Radio?  You can still practice!

The following sites have live streaming Ham Radio Digital communications that you can practice with.  It’s easy!



The Partisan Diaries

 By: Code Name Chloe

Part 1- The Women of WWII, Diary 1  The White Rose

These will be produced weekly and will only accompany the live broadcasts on Sunday evenings.

Note, as you listen to each Partisan Diary, the lessons that may be gleaned from each of these real-world experiences.



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